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The role of the funeral director

The role of the funeral director is essentially to provide caring, understanding and supportive service to the bereaved family. When faced with organising a funeral most people have no prior experience or knowledge. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and offer assistance through every stage of the funeral process.

We offer an extensive range of services allowing you to choose the most appropriate and relevant funeral service. Whether a church or chapel service or an alternative venue, you need to feel confident in the knowledge that every detail of the funeral service will be conducted in the manner you requested.

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When a death occurs

Most deaths occur in a hospital or nursing home. Usually the hospital or nursing home will contact the treating doctor to ensure that a death certificate will be issued.

When someone dies at home the treating doctor should be contacted immediately.

Should the treating doctor be unable or unwilling to issue a death certificate then the death may be reported to the coroner. If this is the case, contact your funeral director immediately. They will be able to guide you through this process. Further information about the role of the coroner and your rights are available from us at Harrison Funerals Ballarat.

The value of a funeral

Although death will come to us all, in today’s society it is a subject rarely talked about and consequently not very well understood. This can make coping difficult when a death does occur. Funerals are a way of expressing beliefs, thoughts and feelings we have for loved ones who have died. The funeral ritual enables us to celebrate a person’s life and to say goodbye in an appropriate manner.

Funerals :

  • Allow us to acknowledge that someone we love has died.
  • Allow us to reflect on the life lived and the achievements of that life.
  • Affirm the value of our relationship with the deceased.
  • Provide a support mechanism for family and friends.
  • Offers comfort to the living.

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Funeral Notices

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