Mary Grace Gonzaga Olivares

In Loving Memory of Mary Grace Gonzaga Olivares

Born: 29th of August 1977

Passed Away: 20th November 2023

Beloved partner of Jason.

Cherished mother of Kayle

FurParent to Jared, Sophia, Leni, Kiko, Blue and Oz

Daughter of Carlos and Teresita

Step daughter of Cass

Sister of Sweet

Auntie of Yuri

Friend to Madel, Imran and Renjiro, Evangeline, Lani, Louie, Mary Jane and Mark, Mary Anne and Marco

Loving friend to many dear work and school colleagues

Mary will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

Please join us in celebrating her life

May she rest in peace.


Rosary followed by a Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of Mary  Grace Olivares

will be held on Friday, December 8th 2023 commencing at 11.00am.

At the conclusion of the service, the funeral cortege will proceed to the Sovereign Chapel,

Ballarat Crematorium, 1250 Doveton Street North, Ballarat

for a committal service.

Please find attached the links available for live streaming

Funeral service please click HERE

Cremation service please click HERE

Funeral Notice

Service - 84 Victoria Street Ballarat East, VIC Venue: St Alipius Catholic Church
  1. Grace or Gov as we call her in the office. You will always be remembered as a strong woman with a big faith. You will be missed. Thank you for sharing your adventures in life. Till we meet again.

    Aya December 9, 2023
  2. Rest in peace, Tita Grace. Thank you for being a good friend to my mom (and for being kind to me as well). Hindi pa rin po kami makapaniwala but we hope you’re in a better place now.

    Also sending my deepest condolences to Kaya and the whole family 🙏🤍

    Jan December 8, 2023
  3. As you lay in silence, may the angel wings be upon us to comfort and guide us and hold us tight to accept your flight.

    Ate Baby dasal namin na makamit mo ang ipinangakong buhay na walang hanggan at mabilis kang makarating sa ipinangakong kaharian ng ating mahal na PANGINOON..

    Golem Gonzaga December 8, 2023
  4. She has done more than enough especially to her friends. No matter when and how far she’ll be there to support and help. A good heart she has deserves love, peace and hand of the Lord. She will always be remembered and be loved.

    Arianne Nuestro December 8, 2023
  5. Our sincere condolences to family and friends of Mary Grace you have given Jason love and happiness. Bless you Mary Grace
    Sadly we hadn’t met you.

    Mick and Kathy Albon

    Michael Albon December 8, 2023
  6. Hello family and friends.

    Today, we come together with heavy hearts to remember the life of a truly extraordinary soul, our loved one Grace, leaving behind a profound impact on all who were fortunate enough to share in this life’s journey.

    We developed our friendship at Capital One, and worked side by side for years, sharing not just tasks but laughter, gala sa Festival mall, at ATC, kain sa Bellevue at Spiral, and countless moments that defined our journey together. I remember those days when we had to do potluck at work, we ate at our work station not minding it f it was against the office rules, we never cared — right Mommy Jing, Angel, Chad? Grace is a source of inspiration and the embodiment of teamwork. I remembered how she helped me with all the paperwork that time I left Capital One to continue my journey here in the US. She made sure that I will get the financial benefits (my last pay, bonus, etc) from Capital One and made the effort to deliver it to my family. I did not have to ask her to do it, but she offered her help wholeheartedly.

    I saw her the last time in 2019, but we continued our contact thru facebook. I was so happy when she said she’d found her match in Australia and wala ng kiyeme kiyeme at 45 na sya, that was one of the sweetest conversations we had, as if her heart is bursting with sooo much happiness she was feeling, she is super kilig that time. I did not have the chance to meet you Jason, but it seems I have known you personally by how Grace described you and how you made her happy. Thank you so much for all your care and love for our dear Grace.

    She left her daughter Kaya who is the light of her life, her precious one she nurtured with boundless love and care, Grace is your guiding force, your source of inspiration and wellspring of unconditionallove that will shape your journey.

    We will remember Grace as a beacon of strength, love and compassion — a loving mother, a devoted partner, a cherished daughter, a loving sister, a fur-mommy — a funny friend — soo cheerful and had an extraordinary sense of humor — who could make us laugh by just singing her signature “Knock knock, Pablo”.

    In this time of grief, let us find solace in the memories we shared with our beloved Grace. May her legacy of love, care, kindness and warmth she brought to our lives serve as lasting tribute the beautiful soul we were priviledged to know and to the beautiful life she lived.

    Our weeping may last for nights, but surely joy will come in the morning. Grace would want to see us from above smiling again whenever we remember her.

    I will miss you Grace, I love you.

    Yette Sheridan

    Yette Sheridan December 8, 2023
  7. Grace was a woman whose sweetness, kindness, and thoughtful nature touched the lives of many. Her gentle spirit and compassionate heart shone through every room she entered.

    Grace was not just a friend, but also a confidante who was always willing to offer a listening ear and a warm hug. She had a unique ability to make everyone feel loved and valued, and her kindness extended far beyond the human world. She had a boundless love for animals and would open her heart and home to countless furry friends in need.

    Grace was also a dreamer. She yearned to see the world and experience all that life offered. But perhaps her most cherished dream was to build a loving home filled with laughter and joy for her family. Although this dream remained unfulfilled, it served as a testament to the depth of love and compassion that resided within her.

    Although she may no longer walk among us, Grace’s legacy lives on in the countless hearts she touched. Her kindness lingers in the memories we share, her laughter echoes in the whispers of the wind, and her love continues to bloom in the beauty that surrounds us.

    Grace, you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten. Your light continues to shine brightly, guiding us toward a world filled with love, kindness, and unbridled joy. Rest in peace, dear Grace. May your journey be filled with the same beauty and wonder you brought to our lives.

    B December 7, 2023
  8. It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that I write these words to pay tribute to my dearest friend, Grace, my B1. We affectionately called each other B1 and B2, like the Bananas in Pyjamas, reflecting the twin-bond we shared. She had an incredible ability to understand my thoughts and feelings even before I uttered a word. Her kindness, love and faithfulness were truly remarkable.

    Although miles apart, our friendship remained unwavering, and I was eagerly looking forward to the day we could share another warm hug. Little did I know that this opportunity would be taken away from us too soon.

    My heartfelt condolences go out to her family, her partner Jason and her beloved daughter, Kaya. Grace was a pillar of strength, kindness and unwavering faith. She touched the lives around her, leaving an indelible mark that will be remembered for years to come.

    It pains me that she is no longer with us, but I feel solace in the belief that she is now united and at peace with our God, the Father. She will forever hold a special place in my heart and I will cherish the memories we created together.

    May her soul rest in eternal peace..

    I love you and I miss you everyday, my B1.

    Frances December 6, 2023
  9. Life is a beautiful journey with you my dear friend. I never have thought that you would leave too soon. I will remember your kindness, compassion and love for us. Your thoughtfulness and generosity creates a deep impact in our hearts. I will surely miss you here with me. Pray for us here as you are now in a better place. I love you dearly my bff Grace.

    Jing December 6, 2023
  10. You were one of the right people i met that lead me closer to God, from breaking the bad habits to do Sunday teaching a “Healthy habit”, you were a great mentor, a spiritual friend and even after our service in Kids ministry, your posts gives positive vibes on my social media, it saddens me deeply while im writing this message because you are one of my friends that i can think of that for sure ill meet again after a decade or two and well talk about our good and bad memories and life in Feast Alabang.

    Thank you Sis Grace! And wait mo kame jan 🙏

    Denny December 6, 2023
  11. You will be greatly missed Tita Grace. We were never ready for you to leave so early. Kaya will always be treasured and loved by us, just like you did. May you be the guardian angel for everyone you have left behind on Earth, and be with them all.

    You’re a beautiful soul and you’ll never be forgotten.

    L December 6, 2023
  12. I will surely miss a friend like you Grace…like we always say ” Magkatono tayo” alam mo na un. .May your soul rest in peace. I love you my friend!

    Annie December 5, 2023
  13. I did not have the honour to meet Mary Grace, but I saw the difference in my friend Jason, from the love she gave to him. What a beautiful gift Mary Grace was in Jason’s life. And I’m sure it worked both ways. My sincere condolences to all the family and friends impacted by this tragic loss. May her love live on in all of you.

    Chris December 5, 2023
  14. My dear Mahal Mary Grace, a beacon of love and joy in my life. Your unwavering support, infectious laughter, and the depth of your compassion made every moment with you precious. I celebrate the love we shared, grateful for the indelible mark you left on my heart. May your spirit continue to inspire and bring comfort to those who hold you dear.
    I love you and miss you forever ❤️

    Jason December 5, 2023
  15. Mary Grace was the kindest person I knew. She brought joy and happiness to all she loved and was loved by all she knew. Gone too soon, heartfelt thoughts to her loved ones.

    Trish Albon December 3, 2023
  16. She was a great human being. Never thought she would leave this world so early😔
    Passing my condolences to the family,
    May her soul rest in peace.

    Zainab November 30, 2023

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