Funeral Costs

To ensure transparency with pricing for funeral goods and services we have disclosed our Funeral Information Pricing.

Traditional Funeral Service

Facilities and trained staff to co-ordinate and facilitate a traditional funeral service conducted at two venues. A service can be held (Mon thru Friday during normal hours) at the Church, Funeral Chapel or other venue followed by a committal service at the graveside or crematorium chapel (within a 50 kilometre radius of our office).

Funeral Arrangement 995.00
Transfer and Mortuary Care * refer Transfers 955.00
Funeral Service (provision of vehicles, staff and equipment) 2130.00
Total $ 4080.00

Plus Disbursements and Coffin

Single Service Funeral

Facilities and trained staff to co-ordinate and facilitate a single funeral service and committal conducted at the venue of your choice e.g. Church, funeral chapel, crematorium, family home (within a 50 kilometre radius of our office). At the conclusion of the service the burial or cremation would take place without family or mourners in attendance.

Funeral Arrangement 995.00
Transfer and Mortuary Care * refer Transfers 955.00
Funeral Service (provision of vehicles, staff and equipment) 1890.00
Total  $ 3840.00

Plus Disbursements and Coffin

Basic Funeral Service (Cremation Only)

Facilities and trained staff to arrange for the direct disposition of the deceased at the Ballarat Crematorium without a funeral service or mourners in attendance.
Transfer and storage of the deceased within a 50 km radius of our office.
(If a transfer is required after hours an additional fee will apply)
Procure necessary documents for cremation, register death and request certified death certificate from registry of Births Deaths and Marriages. Supply of a Flat Lid coffin.
Transfer to the crematorium at our convenience.

Professional Fees including a simple particleboard coffin, transfer and care of the deceased (Dressing and viewing of the deceased is not included) 2200.00
Plus Disbursements
Completed cremation certificate 60.00
Death Certificate 55.00
Total 2315.00
Plus – Ballarat Crematorium Fee (at discretion)  650.00 
Total 2965.00
If preparation and dressing is requested. ADD 440.00
If an oversize coffin is required ADD 250.00

Caskets & coffins

For the range of caskets and coffins offered see Products.


Extended Service Fee
When there is a delay between the funeral service and committal taking place during a traditional funeral service.
ie: refreshments served prior to committal.
Cemetery Fees as per the scale of fees for each individual cemetery
Crematorium Fees as per the scale of fees for each individual crematorium

Viewing of the Deceased

After Hours (Single Service & Traditional Funeral Services) 135.00
Preparation, dressing and a single viewing time during Office Hours
for a “Basic Funeral Service”


Call Out Fee – After Hours
(Normal Hours of Operation Mon – Fri 8.30 am ~ 5.00 pm)
Ballarat to Melbourne ~ Melbourne to Ballarat 440.00
Long Distance (Per/km one way) 3.10
Air Repatriation – Other funeral directors fees & Air transfer Cost plus 5%
Mourning Coach – dependent on availability POA
Saturday Funeral Fee 345.00
Sunday Funeral Fee – Not available @ Prince Regent House 455.00
Additional Memorial Book 75.00
Children’s Memorial Book 75.00
Metal Crucifix OR Cross – supplied with coffin
Additional Metal Crucifix OR Cross 75.00
Embalming – Natural Case (Temporary preservation) 365.00
Embalming – Autopsy Case (Temporary preservation) 540.00


Cards & Bookmarks
50 Copies (Minimum) 140.00
75 Copies  175.00
100 Copies 220.00
150 Copies 250.00
200 Copies 290.00
250 Copies 330.00
300 Copies 380.00
Service Booklets (1x A4 Folded)
Colour Cover B/W inside
50 Copies (Minimum) 180.00
75 Copies 225.00
100 Copies 265.00
150 Copies 330.00
200 Copies 385.00
250 Copies 465.00
300 Copies 530.00
Service Booklets (2x A4 Folded & Stapled)
Colour Cover B/W inside
50 Copies (Minimum) 295.00
75 Copies 305.00
100 Copies 330.00
150 Copies 440.00
200 Copies 550.00
250 Copies 660.00
300 Copies 770.00


DVD Presentation 295.00 for 35 – 40 photographs (add $2 per photograph over 40)
Additional Copies 25.00
Hire of Audio Visual Equipment for Outside/Other Venue POA
Provision of MIPRO Portable Public Address System No Charge


Refreshments served at Prince Regent House following a service.
Menu 1. Tea, Coffee, Fruit cordials & Gourmet Sandwiches 14.00 p/p
Menu 2. Tea, Coffee, Fruit cordials, Gourmet Sandwiches & Slices 16.00 p/p
Menu 3. Tea, Coffee, Fruit cordials & Hot Sav\Sand\Slices 18.00 p/p
Platters ie: Fruit etc POA
Other Venues Available (Range From)
(Midlands Golf Club, Buninyong Golf Club, Sebastopol Bowling Club, North Ballarat Sports Club, The Ballarat Lodge Golf House Hotel)
16.00 p/p

(Approximate Costs)

Standard Clergy Offering 330.00
Church Organist 110.00 – 250.00
Church Vergers Fee 100.00
Funeral Celebrant 440.00 – 650.00
Bagpiper 165.00 – 275.00
Death Certificate (Victoria) 40.00
Ballarat Courier (Saturday) At Cost
Herald Sun (Weekday) At Cost
Completion of cremation certificate by Registered Medical Practitioner 60.00
Standard Double Ended Casket Sheaf range from 200.00 upwards
Sheaf of cut flowers start from 120.00
Single Rose 12.00

Payment of Funeral Exprenses

The funeral account will be posted to the person who authorised the funeral service approximately 5 days from the date of the funeral, unless requested earlier. Full payment of the account is required within 14 days from the date of the funeral service.

The account may be paid by cash, cheque or direct debit to our bank account. Details available on request.