Caskets & coffins, Ballarat

Selecting a Casket or Coffin

We recognise that selecting a coffin or casket can be a difficult task when arranging a funeral service. Considerations may include religious or cultural beliefs, materials used in manufacturing, economic circumstances and personal style or taste. Harrison Funerals range of coffins and caskets varies in size and design, providing you with many options to suit both your personal and families choice.

What is the difference between a coffin and a casket?

Made from particle board or solid timber, a coffin has a more traditional shape that tapers at the head and feet and generally has four or six individual handles. The lid is separate and is secured with four or six screws.

Rectangular-shaped caskets are made from solid timber or metal and have the same height and width at the head and the feet. A casket lid is attached with hinges at one side. Caskets may have individual or swing bar handles.


Colonial – $1799

Solid Pine Coffin. Colonial style featuring rounded corners, fluted sides and bull nosed mouldings on the lid. Available in Rosewood or Walnut. Silver fittings and satin drapery.

Devon – $2145

Full couch casket with a high domed lid fully trimmed with satin drapery. Solid timber available in walnut or rosewood. Timber bar handles.

Enviro – $1299

Solid plantation pine. A renewable resource. Flat lid and sides. Rope handles, unbleached calico lining and timber dowells secure the lid. (Available as a casket and also with timber handles.)

Eureka – $2755

Full couch casket features a unique design with a high domed lid, moulded sides and trimmed with puffed satin drapery.  Drop bar handles.

Expressions Coffin – $1799

Vinyl wrapped to express your own personality.   View the complete range of expressions coffins.

Frederick Poplar – $5000

Solid Poplar Casket. Nugget, Two Tone High Gloss Finish. Cut Top. Cap Panel allows for Display of Photos. Timber Handles on all Sides. Ivory Basket Weave Interior.

Humffray – $899

Flat Lid particleboard coffin in satin finish. Silver fittings and cotton lining. Available in Tasmanian Oak or Jailo. 4 Handles.

Latrobe – $1199

Flat lid particleboard coffin with matching moulding top and bottom. Available in Jaillo and Walnut. Silver handles and thumbscrews.

Montrose – $1499

Paper veneered MDF. Double raised lid. Wide Fluted base moulding. Rich Rosewood colour. Gloss finish.

Rosemont – $1499

Gold lined with a combination of a domed lid with matching moulds top and bottom. Available only in rosewood with gold fittings.

Sapelle Davidson – $2399

Solid sapelle top and sides. Features a domed lid with a wide base moulding. Low sheen clear finish. Italian design handles.

Wicker – $1299

Handmade from natural fibres. The wicker is woven among itself to create a solid and natural coffin structure. The wicker product may vary.

Waverley – $1299

Single raised lid coffin with matching mouldings top and bottom. Available in Walnut. Silver fittings. 6 Handles.

Solid Colour

A limited range of styles are available in solid colours. Using either one piece silver or gold handles of the drop bar style of handles (as shown on the Devon Casket) A number of styles of coffins and caskets are available in oversize. Additional charges will apply.

Please contact us with any enquiries. In addition to a wide range of coffins and caskets we also offer the complete range of urns and memorial jewellery from Final Touch Australia. We also create and print orders of service/mass booklets, bookmarks and memorial stationary such as thank you cards.

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