John Lowrie

Passed away peacefully at Myrtleford.

Devoted father of Sally, Julie and Mathew

Loving grandfather of Tyren, Brody, Louise, Luke, Mason and Rhys

Now at peace


The funeral service to celebrate the life of Mr John Alexander Lowrie will be held on Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 at 11.30a m in the Prince Regent House Chapel, 748 Geelong Road Ballarat.

At the conclusion of the service a burial will take place at the Creswick Cemetery, 141 Clunes Road, Creswick. .

If you wish to view the service via live stream and leave a tribute for the family please CLICK HERE 


Funeral Notice

ServiceFebruary 7, 2023 - 11:30 am748 Geelong Road, Ballarat, VIC Venue: Prince Regent House Harrison Funerals

At the conclusion of the service a burial will take place at the Creswick Cemterey, 141 Clunes Road, Creswick.

  1. I only met John a handful of times, but I could tell he was a kind man. And yes, as we all know, he always liked telling a joke. John would’ve been proud of his service today it was lovely. Rest in peace John.

    Sending out hugs to the family and just want to let you all know that I am thinking of you all. Love Liza xoxox

    Liza February 7, 2023
  2. What I remember mostly is what a great family man John was. His family came first. He was such a hard worker. The railways (Lauren’s street)being his mainstream then having his second job.. painting or staining the doors for for a door company.. times were obviously hard with doing up the house in braybrook. Pest in peace John. Hugs to all his family

    Maree (Porter) Letts February 5, 2023
  3. John Lowrey turned out to be the kindest person I ever knew he helped I wife, Joan and he used to take it to the movies. One time he took her to see Dr Zhivago I wasn’t married to Jan at that time. I care for her like a sister. When I was young with him, I lost a model aeroplane or a roof of a house. He went in and got it for me on top of the roof, brought it down. Nobody else would do what John would do
    Well I think I was about 16 John and I had an adventure. We rode our bikes from West Footscray all the way to Williamstown and fish on the pier at night. I think that was the best thing I ever done when I was young. He was the only want to do it. It will look after me. He was a humble person and made a lot of jokes even now everybody including my son Daniel. Still remembers, and when he tells me I laugh so hard everybody like John because he was a funny guy, and he told great jokes they have a great smile. Everybody knew him, although I didn’t know that they knew him well enough, but they did.
    One day, where at the newly open casino at Crown, the original small one and Jan and I were just about out of money.
    John came up to us and stuck in $100 note on Jones head and one man with a bit of saliva. My head was worth a lot of money, then laugh out loud. He would help me work in the garage building things he took Jan driving on Christmas Eve at about 4 pm just before the shop shop to buy all the presents it was funny I had my own business that we had no money at Christmas because we paid everybody else so I was working on cash jobs and John would deliver them get the cash and give it to Johnny say that your boy presents for the kids they’re not that went on for about five trips until late Christmas Eve I never knew his age I didn’t know it was four years older than me. He wouldn’t say one other time we came around to John’s place at the house opposite Bruce Davies, previous to that we made a bit of trouble over the back. Neighbours over the back so three or four of the men came round the street, so we all hit in wardrobes. It was funny they’re knocking on doors to get in the windows well hiding in the wardrobes Joan John me he was never lazy for us. It would do with anything. I miss him. Life is too short. God bless you John you know always be beautiful mate of mine and Joan’s
    okay, John, did you get the gold digging equipment out in the pan to go on the river up there? I reckon the rivers where you’re going and golden light please have a dance my wife make it laugh. You could always do that.

    ps I’m sad that I won’t be at your funeral as I’ve moved to Bali and I’m going to finish my days here. Only another couple hundred years but I’ll see you up at big boy
    my deepest condolences to the family, have a beautiful people
    with respect to all

    Rodney Hollingworth’s January 30, 2023
  4. Not many can say they have no bad memories of there father but I honestly can see ya dad

    Mathew lowrie January 30, 2023

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